Leather Coatings, Inc. was established in 1981 by Jose R. Escobar. When Fidel Castro took over power, then embraced communism Jose's parents Jose M. and Lilia Escobar had a very difficult choice to make. They chose to leave Cuba, to leave communism behind for their children. They did this as adults in their early 40's. Jose M. Escobar was a successful businessman, Lilia was raising 5 children.

This was no easy task to undertake, but communism was not acceptable to them. Jose M. and Lilia were forced to send their oldest son, Jose R. out of Cuba due to the communist regimes military requirement for 17 year olds. If he had stayed he would have been forced into the military forces of Cuba. Having had to leave Cuba at the age of 16 alone, going to a new country; to a whole new way of life served to make Jose a most determined young man.

Jose excelled in his studies as he pursued and achieved a masters degree in chemistry from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. He attended school full-time while working various part-time jobs, saving what he could to help bring his family from Cuba to the land of the free.

In 1981 he realized his dream with his opening of Leather Coatings, Inc. in Dallas, Texas. Today Leather Coatings, Inc. is internationally known for its high performance leather coatings products. While specializing in leather dyes, leather finishes, and leather conditioners, LCi also produces an extensive line of leather-care products.

Our customer service along with our quality products are recognized worldwide. A variety of Leather Coatings products are commonly used in the manufacturing of belts, saddles, holsters, boots, and shoe sectors of the leather industry.

-   Juan Carlos Escobar - President

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