An outstanding, high performance water-base dye with exceptional penetration
    and color depth. Widely used in the belt, holster and saddle industries
    yielding superior results. Application: Spray or manual.

    A permanent solvent-base leather dye with excellent penetration and color
    depth. All colors are light fast. Due to the natural oils present in the
    dyes, the original leather texture is preserved, leaving the dyed leather
    soft and manageable. Colors may be lightened by thinning with LCi Leather
    Dye Neutral. Do not use thinner. Available in the basic colors and a wide
    range of browns. Application: Spray or manual.

    A leather stain, also known as an “oil darkener’’ that should be mixed with
    equal parts of LCi Neatsfoot Oil Compound. Ideal for restoration of worn
    articles such as saddles, harness and others.

    A water-base finish, used for tinting and antiquing embossed and tooled
    leathers. Colortones will stain the background, and at the same time achieve
    the two-tone antique effect, emphasizing the tooling or embossing. For best
    results, wipe off as soon as possible after application. Apply with a soft
    cloth, sponge, wool skin or spray. The longer the finish remains on the
    leather surface, the darker the tinting of the background. Important:
    Sealing the leather with LCi Sealers before Colortone application is not
    necessary. Do not thin.

    Imparts a two-tone effect, emphasizing the tooling, embossing or carving.
    Leather should be sealed with LCi Sealers #1 or #2 before antiquing. Apply
    with a soft cloth, sponge, wool skin or by spray. If sprayed, thinning is
    necessary--use water only. For best results, allow to set for 1 or 2
    minutes, then wipe off with a “damp” cloth.

    A transparent, colored, solvent-system finish, primarily used for
    air-brushing decorative edges on belts, handbags and other items. Can also
    be used as a top coat finish for shading already finished leathers. Use as
    is. If thinning is desired, use LCi Thinner only.

*Aqua Product Line (water-base).


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